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Welcome to my homepage. Here you will find some links to the best online games where you may get some cool prizes or even money.

Online Games with CA$H prizes:

Trivia Blitz: Playing this game is the easiest way of getting $25 bucks. Just answer the 10 questions of the week as fast as you can to enter to the weekly drawing. You can try to get the questions rigth as many times as you want. Click here to play!

CBS Sportsline Team Trivia: Good challenging sports trivia game. You can win $5 every hour. All you need is to answer the trivia questions as fast as you can and you may get the money. Click here to play!

Puzzle A-Go-Go: This game is like the wheel of fortune, you have to guess letters, accumulate points and get ready for receiving $5 every hour while having fun. The better you score the best chances you have on getting the money. Click here to play!

Cosmo's Conundrum: If you ever wanted to play jeopardy you are going to like this game. It features trivia questions in a variety of differents subjects. Win cash prizes in hourly prize drawings. Click here to play!

Bingozone: Play against people all over the world. All you have to do is to match the pattern of the game (cross, pyramid, etc.) and claim the win. Cash prizes every 20 minutes. Click here to play!

Picturama: In this game you have to unscramble the letters the give you to match the picture that is appearing. If you have a sharp eye you should give it a try. There is a cash prize winner in every game (if noone gets the money then it's accumulated for the next round). Click here to play!

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